A UK based design and manufacturer of the well renowned

Z-Check product range. Now in its 25th year of Production.

Welcome to Tecnicon

We are an in-house design and manufacturer who have many years experience in the field of high class engineering with specialities in developing measuring instruments for a number of different hi-tech industries. If you have a project that needs a design, manufacturing solution, then let us know and we can help in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Solder Paste Inspection

Tecnicon provides an extensive series of bench top 2D & 3D SPI Machines capable of meeting the needs of today’s demanding PCB production and assembly environment.

From the innovative Z-Check 3D through to the entry level Z-Check 100 the entire range has been designed to provide accurate pad specific measurement of solder paste deposits, adhesives and component placement.

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CP-50 Co-Planatery Inspection

The Cp-50 allows an operator to make accurate and various measurements of the legs of most ‘IC’ Packages

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Solder reclamation

Solder-Saver offers companies ‘wave soldering’ the opportunity to recycle dross created in the wave solder pot, thereby saving up to 50% in new solder bar purchases.

Hot dross is scooped up from the surface of the wave solder pot by the hand held, light weight Solder-Saver.

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HD Visual Inspection

A simple to use for all your visual inspection needs. The unit comes with a manual zoom lens, Led ring light and a comprehensive geometric measurement software package.

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